Home-based business trend on the rise among women of twin cities


ISLAMABAD: The entrepreneurial abilities of women in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have witnessed steady alterations with their increasing understanding of domestic business and for having an economic footing for their family and in society.

It has been observed that the trend of home-based businesses had been increasing among the women of the twin cities, mainly due to constraints like availability of job opportunities and narrow space in field business.

Women in large number had been engaging themselves in different home-based business to support their families and becoming financially self-sufficient for last many years.

“A female entrepreneur aspires to do something fruitful and positive in the field of business keeping in mind the social set up,” a businesswoman, Sajida Abbasi said.

“Including the twin cities, almost every major city has seen an upsurge in female-owned businesses over the last few years. The reasons for a woman to undertake business ventures are improving their expertise and understanding the importance of their share in society. With the arrival of media and diverse prospects, women are fast converting themselves from job aspirants to job creators,” she added.

Sahida said that women were making their mark, as well as, equally contributing to the nation’s economy against the myth of lack of confidence, market-oriented risks, social-cultural hindrances, etc.

Saima, another entrepreneur said that many women were engaged in home-based businesses including fashion designing, beauty salons, catering, home-based cooking, online teaching, art and culture projects, selling products online, day care centres etc.

She said that although women could take on jobs at offices, most of them wanted to do something to earn money while staying at home.

Aima Naseer, a housewife said, “Even if you are not educated enough, you just need the will to become a skilled person and do something for yourself and your family. I do baking and get online orders for cakes. This earns me a handsome amount.”

“I sell birthday products online and this is one of the most creative business ideas for women and has a lot of potential in it,” said another housewife, Salma Bibi.

“If you have the motivation to design and make different things for birthday decorations for example, then you can sell your products online easily,” she said.


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