ECP to decide MML’s political fate


ISLAMABAD: A three-member bench of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday heard the case regarding the registration of Milli Muslim League (MML) and said that they would present the matter to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).

The three-member bench of the ECP – headed by Sindh member Ghaffar Soomro – started the hearing on Wednesday during which the MML’s lawyer Raja Rizwan Abbasi argued, “Islamabad High Court (IHC) has given a clear decision regarding the party’s registration and has issued instructions to the ECP for registration.”

“MML is not yet enlisted for no reason other than the interior minister’s report. ECP is a sovereign entity and should take its own decisions. We have fulfilled all the requirements of ECP, including a list of 2,000 members of MML,” he added.

In reply, the ECP representatives asked the MML to refer to the government, at which Abbasi said that the ECP was an independent entity, and the demand of referring to the government was not reasonable. He asked, “When IHC has rejected all the allegations against us then why the registration is being delayed now?”

During the hearing, ECP’s member from Punjab Altaf Ibraheem said that the matter would be presented before the CEC. At the same time, Abbasi asked the ECP for next date of hearing. ECP’s member from Balochistan replied, “You will be given a complete chance.”

A next hearing of the case regarding MML’s registration is expected soon.