CJP says won’t spare those responsible for Balochistan’s ‘deplorable state’


–Justice Nisar says 6,054 schools in Balochistan lack boundary walls and toilets while lakes are faced with drought


ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar remarked on Wednesday that those responsible for the deplorable state of Balochistan will not be spared.

As the Supreme Court (SC) began hearing the suo motu case related to the shortage of water in the province, former chief ministers Abdul Malik Baloch and Sanaullah Zehri appeared in court.

When the court highlighted the poor state of schools in the province, Baloch said they require Rs62 billion to make new schools whereas the province’s total budget is Rs42 billion.

“Everyone says they do not have funds,” the CJP lamented. He added that 6,054 schools in the province lack boundary walls and toilets while lakes are faced with drought.

Talking about the province’s health sector, CJP Nisar remarked that he had witnessed very poor conditions at Balochistan’s government hospitals during a visit to Quetta.

What did you do in your five-year term for water, education and health, the chief justice asked Baloch, who remained the chief minister for the first half of the government’s term as per a deal.

Baloch said that after assuming power in 2013, the government resolved to improve the law and order situation which was at its worst at the time.

Chief Justice Nisar inquired whether the people of Balochistan are politically empowered to run their own affairs.

Baloch added that the province has never had impartial elections.

Taking the stand, Zehri said the security situation improved in their tenure.

The chief justice observed that the people would be forced to migrate if things remain the same, asking what the court can do to improve the situation.

Baloch said those who did not work for the province should be punished.

“I used to work 17 hours a day,” Baloch claimed, to which the chief justice said he works an hour more than him. Responding to that, Baloch said he’s willing to work two hours longer if elected to office again.

The court then summoned the inspector generals of the Frontier Corps’ south and north divisions at the next hearing in Quetta.

The former chief ministers, talking to the media after the hearing, said they will appear before the chief justice in Quetta on Thursday as well.