‘Only books can flourish a civilised nation’


PESHAWAR: Prof Khadim Hussain, an activist behind the idea of spreading and preaching peace, love and harmony through books in the Pashtun belt, pointed out intolerance in the society, saying only books can flourish a civilised nation.

Speaking during a study circle at the Bacha Khan Trust Education Foundation, he said that any logic was rare in the routine discussion and people were discussing issues while the following someone blindly.

“We must know that reading can raise questions,” said Prof Hussain, who is the managing director of the trust. He said that no one can achieve progress with a half paralysed body. “We cannot achieve goals without women participation,” he said.

Besides academics, a number of the young people especially university-level students also attended the discussion. Prof Hussain said that the Bacha Khan Trust was trying to safeguard the book reading culture. For the last 22 months, dozens of youngsters were visiting this place to read books, he said.

During the last study circle, Darul Aman, a Pashto novel by Dr Liaquat Taban, was selected for the discussion. Farid Kakar, a Mphil scholar from the Agriculture University, was assigned to explain the crux of the book which is comprised of more than one stories and a bunch of characters.

Sumbal Safi, a teacher from Malakand, criticised the male-dominated approach towards half of its population. She said that some unacceptable customs should be vanished not only from the Pashtun society but also from rest of the country. She also said that the educated girls could easily be modernised the family and their surroundings.

Mehran Wazir, a PhD scholar in history from the University of Peshawar, highlighted flaws in the syllabus and said that this (syllabus) should be changed and make it more relevant to a modern era. “Our young people even cannot raise questions due to this outdated education system,” he said.

After the Bacha Khan Trust study circle, there is Ghani Dheeri and few other study circles are also working for the promotion of book reading and related activities. At the end, the participants selected Dr Mubarik Ali’s book – Achoot logon ka adab – for the next study circle.