Karachi teenage girl reportedly sold by brother, father recovered from Balochistan


CHAMAN: A teenage girl reportedly sold to a man by her father and brother was rescued from Shela Bagh, Qilla Abdullah district in a raid conducted by Levies personnel in the area.

Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Hussain told a press conference on Tuesday that the rescued 15-year-old informed them that she belongs to Karachi and was sold to a 65-year-old man for money by her brother and father. She added that her brother and father first took her to Quetta, where they had also called the man she had been sold to. From Quetta, the three accused took the girl to Shela Bagh in Chaman.

Shela Bagh is a remote village situated in the mountainous areas of Qilla Abdullah district in Balochistan, where the accused had kept the girl. They were staying at the house of one the accused’s acquaintance.

However, she was rescued in a raid conducted by levies personnel on a tip-off. The girl’s father was arrested while her brother and the man she was sold to managed to escape.

The assistant commissioner has said the remaining accused would also be arrested soon.

Besides the accused brother, the girl has a younger sibling and mother in Karachi.