Hamdard’s new no-sugar, no-calorie Rooh Afza to be empty bottles of Rooh Afza


The Hamdard corporation has finally revealed the product packaging of the no-sugar, no-calories version of its most iconic product: Rooh Afza.

At a product launch ceremony at the corporate headquarters in Karachi, the new product was revealed to be empty bottles of Rooh Afza.

“It was a challenge, sure, to reproduce our iconic product Rooh Afza in a no-calorie, no-sugar bottle and it was quite a challenge,” said Samar Bukhari, Chief Executive Officer.

“Rooh Afza is sweet. Really, really sweet. How to handle this problem.”

“Luckily, our food scientists finally suggested the empty bottles approach, which we loved,” said Bukhari.

“At first, they thought we were joking and that they had give the suggestion in jest, but we were adamant.”

“What do these pesky scientists know? We’re the ones with the MBAs.” “And it’s saving us craploads of money.”