Ganache Cafe’s sehri menu is the perfect start to your fast


LAHORE: With Ramzan right around the corner, restaurants and cafe’s across the city have begun to launch their sehri and iftar menus. Ganache Cafe located on the food hub of the city, Mall 1, also recently launched its sehri menu.

Though the menu is simple, it covers a wide array of food items to appease your taste buds. Sehri at Ganache will not only let you experience amazing food but will also provide a wonderful customer experience. From its friendly staff to the warm, welcoming interior, Ganache does not only have good food but it also leaves you feeling satisfied and relaxed.

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Being a hardcore foodie, I had to try out all the platters and decide for myself which one of them I will be stuffing myself with at sehri time. Because after all “waqt kam aur muqabala sakht.

Platter 1: The first platter consisted of aloo bhujia, puri channay, halwa, achar and mint raita. What put aside this platter from the rest of the halwa puris available in the market was the fact that though the puri, channay and halwa make you feel “filled,” they do not leave with a heavy, bloated feeling. Also, I have to add here that the achar was delicious since it was not your usual bazaari achaar but is homemade.

Platter 2: The second platter specifically constitutes food items that would give you a “home away from home” experience. This platter included parathas, palak paneer (YES! Paneer!), chicken keema, khagina, achar, salad and mint raita. Everything in this platter was home-made and definitely tasted that way also.  

Platter 3: This is where things get more interesting. Based in Lahore, Ganache seeks to fulfill that ‘Lahori’ Sehri appetite which is why this platter is perfect for those who cannot fast without their dose of rich, spicy nihari. Served with piping, hot roghni naan, this platter is just what you need for the weekend indulgences.

Platter 4: Considering, that not all of us prefer desi sehris, Ganache made sure to include a continental option in the menu also. In this platter, you get toasted bread and stuffed cream, cheese omelette along with a chicken steak and baked beans.

After all that eating, you do need something to wash down all that food. And what better than the traditional, Pakistani lassi which not only helps you digest all the food but also leaves you cool for a long period of time. The lassi available at Ganache, in the flavours plain, mango and fruity, was delicious – smooth, creamy and cold. And the perfect end to my extravagant meal.