Ahsan Iqbal attacker requests timely release of Rs 1000 cheque


Abid Hussain, the 21-year-old attacker of interior minister Ahsan Iqbal, has requested the authorities for the timely release of the Rs 1000 cheque due to him.

“I can wait, there is no problem, but it should not take more than a week or anything,” said a serene Abid Hussain, sitting in police lockup in Narowal. “My address is Upper Story, House 17-D, New Haq Bahu Colony, Narowal City. Care of Shahid Hussain, my father.”

“There is no point delaying the release of the cheque,” he said. “I mean if the decision has been taken in principal.”

“I am not asking for much. I made sure there was no fatality so that the authorities do not have to facilitate the setting up of a shrine in my name,” he added. “All I want is my thousand rupees.”

“And some sharbat, of course; this place is not.”