Ex-Navy officers support Akshay Kumar in ‘Rustom’ costume bid


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and wife, Twinkle Khanna recently received hate messages and threats from a social media user for auctioning the costume he wore in the film Rustom in which he portrayed a naval officer.

The user, in a Facebook post, threatened to take Twinkle to court and wrote, “You touch our honour and we will give you a bloody nose.”

Twinkle, who has never shied away from threats, retaliated by saying that she would take him to court for giving threats of violence.

A former Army officer also objected to this auctioning calling it a disrespect to the uniform.

However, according to Hindustan Times, several celebrated ex-Navy officers have come out strongly in support of the actor’s decision calling his decision to auction the costume a good gesture aimed at doing charity and helping those in need. Serving members of the Indian Navy are not allowed to pass comments.

A Commander (Rtd) Harinder Sikka said, “I am a proud Naval officer, was trained to fight and defend our motherland like every soldier. I felt humbled to see Akshay Kumar donating over INR 40 crores to soldiers’ widows funds. I feel sad to see few wayward minded people try to bring him down. Whether he’s wearing a uniform for a role to be later called a costume, or vice a versa, let’s stop twisting words. It does not matter! I ask those who are objecting, the naysayers, the doubting the masses, how much have they ever contributed to the society? Akshay’s initiative is laudable and praise worthy. If we all simply stopped politicising and contributed just a small portion to the needy, no one will sleep hungry and India would be a force to reckon with. Thank you, Akshay. We are proud of you.”

Vice Admiral (Rtd) Harinder Singh remarked, “The day any Naval personnel adorns the beautiful Naval uniform, he mentally is committed to the protecting the citizens of India. In the process, his own life becomes secondary. Uniform is a symbol that reminds us all of that commitment. Akshay gesture is indeed laudable and praise worthy.”

Vice Admiral (Rtd) S. Jain, Former C-in-C, Western Naval Command said, “Any naval officer’s first and foremost duty is to serve the nation and its people. Akshay Kumar’s act of donating proceeds to the needy is indeed laudable. That’s what our uniform teaches us. Thank you, Akshay for setting a fine example.”

Bidding for the costume began at INR20,000  and soon gained momentum as people from many cities began taking interest in the product. The proceeds from the auction will go to an NGO, Janice’s Trust, which works for animal rescue. The bidding will run till May 26.

Anushka Sharma’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil kurta and Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish costume is also up for auction.


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