US trying to force political solution on Taliban: Pentagon


WASHINGTON: The US goal in Afghanistan is to force the enemy to a political solution, Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W White has told a regular briefing as the Taliban and Da’ish terrorists ramped up attacks aimed at disrupting the electoral process in the war-torn country.

The spokesperson said the attacks in the past weeks were desperate attempts, adding that the US goal was to force the enemy to a political solution.

‘This is not easy. But we’re committed to ensuring that there’s ultimately a political solution’.

Responding to a question about Afghan authorities keep blaming Pakistan for terrorist activities in Afghanistan, the spokesperson said that the Taliban and Da’ish were carrying out terrorist attacks with a motive to scare people and were purposely targeting voting registration as, she added, they knew that they could not win at the ballot box.

On Pakistan’s cooperation with the US in Afghanistan, she said that the US has opportunities with Pakistan and “we’ll look to them and work with them to find opportunities to further regional security”.

To a question about any new direction as far as Afghanistan was concerned, she said that the US was committed to restoring peace and stability and President Trump showed his commitment by us announcing the South Asia Strategy.

About the ability and capacity of the Afghan forces to combat terrorists, she said that right not, US was satisfied that it was working hard alongside Nato partners to ensure that they get the training necessary to ensure that they can ultimately take the fight to the enemy and push this to a political solution.

Asked to assess the current situation in Afghanistan in the wake of increased terrorist attacks in the recent weeks, Spokesperson White said that the Taliban had lost ground in terms of resources and financing.

“So they have lost ground. And I think you can see by the fact that their attacks have been more spectacular and they’ve killed more civilian innocent lives, shows that they’re desperate,” she said, adding, that they had stepped up attacks because they were not capable of convincing the people that they were a viable option.


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