Karachi faces persistent outages as power plant remains offline


KARACHI: Prolonged outages persisted in most parts of the metropolis on Friday as the fault at the Bin Qasim Power Plant could not be fixed even after 24 hours of being traced.

According to sources, the matter could take another day to fix the issues developed in the power plant.

Outages caused by faults at Bin Qasim Power Plant were also faced by residents of areas that are otherwise exempted from load-shedding due to low line losses.

Other areas of Karachi including Shah Faisal Town, Kala Board Malir, Liaquatabad, Old City, Nazimabad, FB Area, Mehmoodabad and Manzoor Colony loadshedding was experienced for almost 10 hours.

Complaints of low voltage were also received from some areas.

Earlier, K-Electric officials had said that the tripping of the power plant caused an electricity shortfall of 200 megawatts.

The power cut caused by tripping of Bin Qasim Power Plant made it difficult for people in the city to bear hot and suffocating weather.

The blistering heat prompted public hospitals across Karachi to declare a two-day emergency and cancel the holidays of their employees.

The Health Department, meanwhile, has decided to establish a special ward to treat victims of the heat.