Imran wakes up in strange place with instructions to not trust establishment tattooed on body


A dramatic new development in national politics, as Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan woke up in a strange location with instructions asking him not to trust the establishment tattooed on his body.

“Where….where am I,” said a dishevelled Khan, after waking up, not remembering the circumstances under which he had fallen unconscious. “What…what happened? What are these tattoos?”

“Don’t trust estab,” read one tattoo.

“What could that mean,” said Khan. “This is the only institution that can save Pakistan. Why would someone write that? Is whoever wrote this actually an agent of foreign forces?”

“Nawaz was right,” said Khan, reading off another tattoo. “Wait, now I know that this is a foreign agency that has written these things…”

“But….is it…?”

“This is all my handwriting. Did something happen and was I subsequently injured, rendering me unable to retain my memory for more than fifteen minutes, necessitating me to be reminded, hence the tattoos to myself, warning me of the great danger I am about to get myself into?”

“Where…where am I,” he said. “What….what happened? What are these tattoos?”