Can’t believe random girl on bike has biopic before me: Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD – Criticising Motorcycle Girl for its lack of maturity, lack of talent, and lack of Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan said he couldn’t believe that a ‘random girl on bike’ had a biopic before him.

In an exclusive interview with The Dependent Khan said Motorcycle Girl is ‘immensely overrated’.

“It is a phateechar film with a relu katta storyline that is no way near as impressive as the 1992 World Cup triumph,” Khan said while talking to The Dependent.

“I hope her bike’s tyre gets punctured,” he added rolling his eyes.

Khan believes that if anyone deserves a biopic it’s he and only he.

“I mean I’ve already written Pakistan: A Personal History. You have the script, you just need to convert it to a movie,” said Khan of his book, which he believes could serve as the biopic for him or Pakistan.

“But if you really wanted someone on the bike. You could’ve filmed me on the bike,” he said. “Nobody bikes better than me. The world has acknowledged my riding. When I was in Oxford…” he continued to accelerate on a tangent.

“But unfortunately what you have is a corrupt film that is making money overseas and filming the north to facilitate US drone targets in the region,” Khan said.

“Thankfully I haven’t watched the movie.”