Summer skincare tips from Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt’s makeup artist


Skincare in summer need not be a tiring or long-winded exercise, with an unending list of beauty products. You can take care of your skin, keep your face fresh, avoid acne and breakouts if you know the right way to go about the routine.

Celebrity make-up expert Shraddha Naik, who has worked with Bollywood celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Madhuri Dixit and Alia Bhatt, says it’s important not to follow trends blindly.

“The idea of makeup is to enhance your beauty. I feel some of the trends can be avoided… like overdrawn dramatic eyebrows, going extra fair with the foundation shade, as well as excess contouring and highlighting,” says Naik.

She says the most important thing to do in summer is to drink lots of water to keep your skin cells hydrated. “Water also flushes impurities and toxins out of the system, keeping your face fresh and clean. Thus, it helps in reducing breakouts and acne. Sunscreen is also a must.”

Naik says the world of skincare changes every year. “The most trending technologies that we have available in the market help us get rid of skin tan, acne, freckles, and skin problems, and help us get glowing, healthy skin. Readily available products have made it easy for people to get professional care and treatment at home. Women are now more confident, caring towards their skin, connected with changing trends and open to change with a variety of products,” she commented.