Movie Review: Infinity War is Infinitely Marvel-ous


LAHORE: I finally jumped the Infinity bandwagon and watched Marvel’s Infinity War. Needless to say, Marvel has done a marvellous job, for sure. The story, the action sequences, the acting, the dialogues and most importantly the flow of the story: all have been done to perfection.

Despite the darker shade to the plot of the film, the creators of Marvel have beautifully used humour throughout the movie, especially in the grave and emotional scenes of the movie, to make the ride worthwhile. And this has remained the formula behind Marvel’s success since Iron Man 1.

Compared to DC Comics, Marvel definitely leads and the reasons behind this, in my opinion, is the flow in their movie plots, 10-year long planning, dropping of hints, and above all their level of humour, which is unmatched. DC has tried to establish itself as competition through its hassled Justice League but failed to leave an impact, mainly because of the ill-planning. Marvel, on the other hand, has been doing a great job and Infinity War is most definitely, a cherry on the Marvel cake.

The film opens, where Thor Ragnarok ended, with Thanos first full-screen entry. Thanos, the biggest, the baddest and most powerful villain of Marvel Comics Universe (MCU), is exactly how he should have been: with destruction and death. Thanos wants to collect all six infinity stones – Space, Time, Soul, Reality, Power and Mind – to balance the universe through his ‘merciful’ scheme.

The makers of the movie have completely justified the outlook, presence, voice and personality of Thanos. His presence on the screen is of a true villain, completely on par with the Marvel heroes.

Thanos, a god, wants to play the role of an equalizer for the whole universe, by destroying half of it with the snap of his fingers, after getting all six infinity stones (Spoiler alert guys, proceed at your own risk). Thanos’ ideology is loosely based on the concept of Culling, in which you kill all living things, including human population, to reserve the resources of the earth; the only difference being, Thanos just wants it for the whole universe. And for that, he is ready to do anything, to sacrifice anyone, even his beloved daughter. This is where the emotional side of the ultimate villain of the Marvel Universe is unveiled. However, he goes ahead with it because for him it is a mission – a mission to save the universe.

The gripping and exhilarating storyline of the movie will have you fully engrossed and before you know it, more than two hours have gone by. For the action sequences and CGI effects, the movie has done compelling work especially in some scenes: such as the Planet of Vormir, the re-heating of the death star to make Thor’s new axe, and Planet Titan.

Be prepared for an emotional ride as well, as the movie features a handful of deaths, some which are completely unexpected. The filmmakers have beautifully woven the deaths of the Marvel heroes into the plot of the film, to the point that you will not even be angry at them for killing the characters.

All in all, the film is a marvellous treat to the eyes, ears, and in short a treat to all six senses, just like the six infinity stones.