MML president urges politicians to respect court decisions


LAHORE: Milli Muslim League (MML) President Saifullah Khalid on Thursday urged all politicians to respect the decisions made by the courts.

While addressing an event regarding World Press Freedom Day, the MML chief said, “If the rulers will not accept the court verdicts, there would be a very bad impact on the nation and the dignity of our courts around the world will also be fierce. It is the need of the hour to accept court verdicts and respect institutions.”

Moreover, he termed journalism as the fourth pillar of the state and said that freedom of expression is the constitutional right of everyone. “In the present era, the significance and utility of journalism cannot be denied. External forces are trying to get benefits of political and sectarian differences in the homeland,” he argued.

Saifullah Khalid said, “Public problems are highlighted by positive and constructive journalism. Just like all other professions, journalism cannot be separated from the religion. Islam is a complete code of life which gives complete guidance on every issue of life.”

Calling journalism a sacred and a great profession, he said that the nation could be served the best through media. “Journalism plays an important role in building the minds of a nation. It is a worship rather than a trade,” he added.

He also urged the journalists to deliver facts and truth to the nation. Khalid further said that Pakistan’s ideology is the survival of Pakistan, reasoning that his party would take part in politics and unite the people on this theory.