Meera’s journey to stardom may appear in film


A film is being made on film star Meera’s life and will be a directorial debut of ad filmmaker Saqib Malik on a big screen.

“I will make an official announcement soon, as we are not on shoot. It’s just rumours that we have been doing a rehearsal for film,” Saqib said but revealed that the film would be based on social issues catering multi characters.

The film will have elements inspired from Meera’s life, including her journey within the film industry as an actor and her rise to fame. It will also depict her viral sex-tape and pictures which caused her career’s downfall. The upcoming film can be classed as a multi-genre, mainly a thriller.

Besides Meera, Ali Kazmi, Mawra Hocane, Osman Butt and Nayyar Ejaz, will be among the cast. The shooting for the film started on April 25 in Karachi and will move to Lahore in mid-May. Previously, Saqib announced many films, boasting of big casts members.

Meera had said that challenging roles in films always fascinated her to prove herself as a good actress and to prove that she was ready to accept every on-screen competition and challenge. “I always promoted positive thinking and the only platform to judge anyone’s performance are films,” she said.