Deactivate and depart: Meesha and Meera take some time off


In a twist of events, two of Pakistan’s most well-known celebrities have too much of the brouhaha and have decided to take some time off from the limelight.

Meesha Shafi has said that she deactivated her social media accounts due to cyberbullying she faced following the allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar.

In an interview to a local media outlet, she said she had to deactivate her social media accounts as she “felt the strong need to protect herself and her two young children who were also being subjected to personal attacks online”.

Responding to a question pertaining to a little support she got from the industry after speaking up against alleged sexual harassment, she said that the silence has been hurtful and she doesn’t expect from people to speak in her favour as it requires a lot of courage.

Responding to another question pertaining to hate campaign against her on the social media, she said, “the slanderous campaign against me has set back the progress of women speaking up and speaking out by hundreds of years.”

In other similar news, Pakistani actor Irtiza Rubab popularly known as Meera has announced that she is shifting out of the country.

Speaking exclusively to Pakistan Today, Meera revealed that she shifting to Los Angeles, California in the United States. However, the actor refused to disclose the reason behind this development saying that she will let her fans know in due time.

“I have green cards of both US and Canada.”

Meera further said that she is very emotional about leaving her “home” and that she will continue to maintain a strong relationship with her friends and fans here.

“I love all my fans and I will continue to share my life with them.”

Detailing further, Meera said that even though she is leaving the country, she is not bidding goodbye to the entertainment industry and will continue to work. Does this mean that Meera has signed a Hollywood film and that is the reason behind her move? We guess we will have to wait for this one.

In a recent interview, Meera revealed that she always wanted to do a Hollywood film and was never interested in Bollywood. However, she went ahead with a Bollywood film (Nazar, 2005) because she couldn’t say no to Mahesh Bhatt and because she was shouldering her family’s financial responsibilities.

If that is the case, we sure do hope that our favourite Lollywood actor’s dreams are coming true!