Lady Reading doctors booked for sedition after refusing national flag to be brought into Operating Theatre mid-operation


Doctors at the Lady Reading Hospital were pulled out of an operation theater in chains mid-procedure, after they refused to allow an unknown person bearing the national flag to enter the operating room.

According to details, the doctors at Lady Reading were busy performing a complex surgery when an unknown person carrying the national flag began to bang his fists on the doors of the operation theatre. When one of the doctors told him politely to leave, the man began to scream and make a scene?

“What? You won’t allow the national flag inside the room? What kind of activity is taking place here that you won’t allow the national flag?” he was heard saying.

When the doctor pointed out that he had no business being there, the man began to ask what kind of a place was it where the national flag did not have any business?

“You aren’t even scrubbed and the flag could have infectious bacteria!” he exclaimed as per eye witness accounts.

“Are you calling the national flag filthy? What kind of activity is going on in there?” responded the unknown intruder.

“Complex heart surger-” the doctor tried to continue before being cut off.

“I can smell the anti-national sentiment all the way over here” the still unidentified man said.

While doctors were able to have him removed from the premises in the moment, they were surprised when armed men removed them from the room mid-procedure, leaving the patient unattended, but with a string of buntings hanging on top of the operation table.

The doctors in question are yet to be heard of since.