“Invisible forces” also step on scale whenever I weigh myself, Nawaz says to doctor


An already embattled Nawaz Sharif told his doctor that “invisible forces” also step on the scale whenever he weighs himself and that he actually has lost weight.

“As per your directive, I did, in fact, lose weight,” said the emotional former prime minister to Dr Nigel Harris, head of the cardiology department at Kensington Hospital through Skype.

“But you can’t see it because whenever I step on this scale, invisible forces also step on the scale, increasing the weight registering on the said scale.”

“These invisible forces are hell-bent on destroying my reputation and robbing me of my rights as a citizen of this country,” he said.

“Luckily, the public will testify to my track record of strictly sticking to my diet and getting plenty of exercise,” he said to a charged rally of PML(N) activists (and Dr Harris through Skype.)

“I’m afraid such stuff won’t fly with me,” said Dr Harris, while speaking to The Dependent.

“If he doesn’t lose 15 pounds within the time period that I had specified, we’re taking him in.”