PSL fielding standards best across franchise leagues


The Pakistan Super League has the best catch-conversion percentage rate across all Twenty Twenty franchise leagues, beating out both the Indian Premier League, and the Australian Big Bash League, as well as the Caribbean Premier League.

According to a recent report, the PSL has a catch-conversion percentage of 82%, which is marginally better than the IPL which has a catch-conversion rate of 81%. Shockingly enough, the BBL is at number three by a significant difference with a catch-conversion percentage of only 76%. Despite being famous for blinding catches and Australia’s famed fielding standards, the BBL is lagging behind both the PSL and the IPL. Lowest in the ranks is the CPL which has a much lower ratio at only 72% of catches held per opportunity.

The catch conversion percentage is calculated on the basis of the number of real catching opportunities and how many of them are held or dropped. A number of Indian commentators had said that the comparison was unfair because the IPL has only gone through half of the league and the number of catches will increase. However, it is more likely that the percentage will fall as the calculation is based on the percentage of catches held rather than the overall number of catches, so the PSL will most probably cement its place at the top even further.

The fielding standards of the PSL had been another feature which had been praised this edition and has also reflected on the improved fileding quality of the national side. Champions Islamabad United also had the highest catching percentage at 90.4% and captain Misbah ul Haq attributed it as one of the factors behind their win.