Government policies aimed at protecting labourers’ rights, says president


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan along with the rest of the world is celebrating International Labour Day today on May 1.

With its origins seeded in the late 19th century labour movement by trade unionists in Chicago, United States the annual holiday which observes achievements of labourers.

In 1894, the United States Congress had unanimously voted to approve legislation to make the Labour Day a national holiday, which was signed by President Grover Cleveland.


In his message, President Mamnoon Hussain said the policies of the current government were aimed at protecting the rights of labourers.

According to the president, the government has proposed a reasonable increase in worker wages in the recent budget, which came about as a result of government’s passion for the development and well-being of this sector.

The president also added the day not only serves as a symbol of protecting workers’ rights throughout the world but it is also a day to pledge the workers would perform their duties for national development and prosperity.

He added the government is also executing various projects aimed at the citizens’ welfare.

The welfare is not only for those who live in Pakistan but as well as those overseas workers who have been working for the development and stability of the country as their remittances contribute to the economic stability.

He also lauded the role of brave workers who play a fundamental role in the struggle for the national development.


Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, in his message on the Labour Day, reiterated to protect the rights of workers, saying the government believed that only a healthy, happy, well-educated and well-paid workforce could enable Pakistan to attain its full social and economic potential.

“The government’s goal of rapid, inclusive and sustainable growth is only being realized because of our hardworking, dedicated and committed workforce,” he said.

The prime minister said the federal government is fully committed to taking all measures, in cooperation with the provincial governments, to ensure the welfare of workers and their families as well as to raise their standards of living.


National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said Labour Day is an opportunity to acknowledge contributions of working men and women who are an indispensable pillar of the country.

Today we pay tribute to the labour community for its valuable contribution in nation building, he said.

The speaker added this day symbolizes the strength and character of the Pakistani workforce and its devotion and commitment towards making our country a prosperous and progressive nation in the world.

According to the speaker, the labour class plays a vital role in the development and progress of a country; therefore, it is essential to ensure their welfare and payment of proper and timely remuneration for their services.

He added all civilised societies in the world have legislated to ensure the rights and welfare of their labour force.

Just like the president, the speaker also said the present government is pursuing labour friendly policies for the welfare of the labour class in the country.


Federal Minister for Information Maryyam Aurangzeb on this occassion said the government is working for the betterment of the labour in the country.

She said that the labour community rendered numerous sacrifices for the development and progress of the countries in the world. She said, “She pays homage to the labours in the world.”

The information minister said the progress of a labourer is the progress of the country and the world, adding that those nations who believe in hard work and dedication of the labour make real and time testing progress.

She added provision of facilities to the labour community is the government probity, adding a labourers’ development means a nation development.