France calls for more IAEA inspections after Israel’s information on Iran nuclear plan



PARIS: France on Tuesday called for further independent inspections on Iran to ensure full implementation of 2015 nuclear deal.

A spokesperson with the country’s Foreign Ministry said France has taken note of the information unveiled by Israel on Iran plan to develop nuclear weapons.

“This information should be studied and evaluated in detail,” Agnes Von der Muhll, the spokesperson, said.

According to Von der Muhll, the information confirmed in part the non-civilian nature of the program revealed by European powers in 2002.

“It is essential that (the International Atomic Energy Agency) IAEA can continue to verify Iran’s respect for JCPOA (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and the peaceful nature of its nuclear program,” she added.

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed what he called “great intelligence achievement”, allegedly proving a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Israel announcement came as US President Donald Trump, who repeatedly threatened to decertify 2015 deal, is set to decide whether to withdraw from the accord and reimpose sanctions on Iran before a May 12 deadline.

After long negotiations, the United States, Russia, Britain, China and France plus Germany struck the Comprehensive Plan of Action in 2015 under which Tehran agreed to roll back parts of its nuclear weapon program in exchange for decreased economic sanctions.

Reiterating the necessity to maintain the agreement, France noted Israel report “confirms the need for longer-term assurances on the Iranian program, as the president has proposed,” according to the ministry’s spokesperson.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday had talks with Israel, Iran, Russia and Germany leaders to promote a new global talks on Iran that would include its ballistic missile program and its regional influence.