‘Boycott Murree’ initiated amid increasing harassment of tourists


A ‘Boycott Murree’ campaign has been initiated on social media after several incidents of torture and harassment with the tourists have been reported.

According to some tourists, local guides and agents harassed them and their families but despite their complaints, the authorities did not take any action against the perpetrators.

Recently, a video emerged on social media where tourists going to a spot in Murree were being attacked, leading to ‘Boycott Murree’ campaign. Rallies were also held in this regard.

A Twitter user posted pictures of banners calling for a boycott of Murree.

“A British born tourist got beaten up in Murree by local gangsters who were trying to harass his female family members, please take strict action & activate police to promote peaceful tourism in Murree,” another user tweeted.

The tourists are not the only sufferers, apparently. Local shopkeepers and hotel owners in the scenic town have also complained of misbehaviour by some guides.

Hafiz Abid Abbasi, vice president of the local hotels association, said that despite repeated complaints lodged against the perpetrators, the local administration remains mute on the matter. He added that such incidents have been reported in five locations – all of which lie outside Murree.