Anti-encroachment operations only for capital’s downtrodden and desperate


-The encroachments in Chak Shahzad, Margalla Town go under the Enforcement directorates’ bulldozer

–Dozens of illegal stalls, kiosks, hotels razed during anti-encroachment operation in Chak Shahzad, Margalla Town

ISLAMABAD: The CDA Enforcement Wing along with the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) in its recent anti-encroachment operation has razed dozens of illegal kiosks, stalls, and chappar hotels in the elite locality of Chak Shahzad, home to farmhouses of famous politicians, generals, businessmen and bureaucrats.

The irony is that is has done so while turning a blind eye to encroachments by the elite in posh sectors of the capital and that of influential locals in sectors like G-12, E-12.

The operation was conducted by the Enforcement Directorate team headed by Assistant Director (AD) Adalat Shah. During the operation, all illegal structures near hotel Shop were demolished. In Margalla Town Phase-1, the team demolished nine chappar hotels along with kiosks.

At the beginning of April, in a long overdue anti-encroachment operation, Kashmir Highway along with Sector G-12 DMA conducted its operation to get the Right of Way (ROW) back from the illegal occupation of marquees and commercial owners.

Of late, CDA’s Enforcement Wing and the Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad’s DMA in collaboration with the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration and Islamabad Police has conducted a mega operation at Faizabad against transport mafia.

It is, however, pertinent to mention that no encroachment operation has been initiated in G-12, an anomaly amidst the fully developed sectors of Islamabad, known locally as Meeran Abadi. The thousands of acres of pristine land occupied by the so-called locals has become a ‘No Go Area’ for many since the illegal encroachment; construction of commercial and private property and other criminal activities continue here with wanton disregard to laws of the land and CDA regulations.

As reported by Pakistan Today, the illegal encroachments are not a phenomenon unique to fringe localities and developing sectors. Many houses in posh sectors including F-6, F-7, F-8, E-7 and others have encroached upon pavements, footpaths and adjoining areas that fall in the category of amenities provided by the state to be used by the public at large.

The pedestrians in these sectors find no other option but to walk on roads as the pavements have been blocked by t-blocks, sandbags and concrete barriers. All such activities clearly fall under the headings of ‘illegal encroachment’, ‘denying and impeding of the right of way’ and ‘improper use of land’ but the otherwise prompt CDA failed to do anything in the case because the wealthy and well-connected dwellers of these mansions have proved themselves to be above law.