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Naseebo Lal hopes to become one of greatest singers of South Asia

LAHORE: Pakistani background singer Naseebo Lal hopes that she will go on to be considered as one of the greatest singers of South Asia.

During an interview with BBC Asian Network, Naseebo said the singers like Madam Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan, and Lata Mangeshkar can never be forgotten. “I don’t say I am like that but I feel like it sometimes,” she added.

Sharing her journey to the fame among common people, she said earlier people would not bring their families with them to her concerts but now it is changed. “Now families including children attend my shows.”

About her recent fame among South Asians residing in the UK, the singer said that they did not know about her before, but now they know about her mainly due to two mashup hits on social media. “Before 2013, I used to get surprised looking at quite a few artists thinking they also sing, I also sing, so they are getting so much respect and fame, they must have a good background and must have found good people,” she said, adding but now that feeling has disappeared.

Naseebo has been singing for last thirty years, mainly in Pakistani Punjabi movies, but got her major break on social media.

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