National Assembly becomes battlefield for Murad Saeed, Abid Sher Ali


Amid the budget speech being delivered by newly-appointed Federal Minister for Finance Miftah Ismail, National Assembly became a battlefield for rival politicians Murad Saeed and Abid Sher Ali who exchanged harsh words and almost fists.

Ruckus was reported inside the lower house of Parliament during the speech of budget 2018-19. If it weren’t for other lawmakers who landed in between and stopped the brawl, the situation could have become even worse.


Murad Saeed can be seen charging towards the government benches. According to media inputs, both lawmakers called out each other and the matter went out of hand.

Moreover, some other MNAs were also involved in the dispute. Faces of these lawmakers can be identified in the CCTV footage that was recorded from the assembly’s session.

While presenting the budget, Miftah said that the Parliament should applaud the government for presenting the budget, as the government cannot function even for a day without it. On the other hand, the joint Opposition staged a walkout from the moment the finance minister began his budget speech.