Pakistan to develop first cloud-based storage for disqualified parliamentarians


ISLAMABAD – The National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) on Wednesday signed an agreement with DQware Inc (DQW), an inventor in digital space for the disqualified, to develop Pakistan’s first ex-government cloud.

The cloud in question would contain a large number of disqualified former government resources who will be secured in one place via the internet.

According to NTC, it will enable the authorities to modernise the country’s civilian sector and government infrastructure.

With DQware’s digital foundation, NTC will further expand the government’s capabilities in cloud adoption.

“What we’re creating would allow the earmarked government officials to go straight from the parliament to the cloud, without any other process needed – especially any court verdicts,” a DQW scientist told The Dependent.

The scientist reveals that the services are meant to offer flexibility, agility to scale and mobility, designed to assist with minimal downtime and adequate back-up in the event of self-made or anti-national political crises.

“We are dedicated to setting up a technology-enabled government sector that can constantly keeps up with the pace of changes in the government personnel,” NTC Managing Director Viqar Rashid Khan said.