Google can’t differentiate between Modi, Nehru


Search engine giant Google appears to have been confused between the first and current prime minister of India.

Upon typing the words “India’s first PM” in Google India’s search bar, users were met with a surprise on Wednesday.

Although the search engine correctly named India’s first premier as Jawaharlal Nehru, however, it showed an image of current prime minister Narendra Modi.

The error has since been fixed but screenshots of the page have gone viral.

Several took to Twitter, including India’s Congress party social media in-charge, to criticise Google.

This is not the first time the world’s most-used search engine showed Modi’s photo under a wrong search query.

In 2015 as well, Google search for India’s first prime minister showed Modi’s image.

Also in 2015, Google had to issue an apology after Modi’s photo appeared in Google Images search for ‘Top 10 criminals in India.’ It was suggested that the error had occurred due to incorrect image metadata by a British daily.