Ali Noor, Zeb Bangash’s take on ‘Chanda Mama Duur Ke’ leaves people confused


Lahore based rock band Noori’s Ali Noor, who is no stranger to composing catchy singles for TV ads and films— recently tackled his first ‘lullaby’ jingle along with the popular Zeb Bangash in an advertisement for Nestle’s Cerelac. The ad is currently airing online and on TV, and viewers heard it for the first time last week.

However, the two-minute take on the legendary lullaby ‘Chanda Mama Duur ke’, Loree Kahani has mostly received mixed signals from fans. While Bangash’s captivating rendition of the Loree left some viewers in trance, some did not take too kindly to the new advertisement.

Chanda Mama Duur ke is a children’s lullaby, particularly popular in the sub-continent households. Basically, there are not many adults who would not remember some version of this sweet, calming ditty.

Twitter user Summaya said, “Is it just me who finds this so soothing?”

Another user simply remarked, “Truly nostalgic”.

Tuba Khalid said on Facebook, “Amazing childhood memories”.

Fareshteh Aslam was all praises for the advert saying, “lovely little ditty”.

But for some, their beloved lullaby has gone through an extreme makeover, and their entire childhood might have just been ruined.

Twitter user Noormah Malik said, “Officially creeped out after watching Ali Noor and  Zeb Bangash perform a four-minute baby lullaby in a Cerelac TV commercial. God help us and our music industry.”



Twitter user Mansoor Murad said, “And the winners of corporate sell out of the year goes to Zeb Bangash and Ali Noor for butchering chanda mama door ke for Cerelac”.


According to the brand’s Facebook page, the idea behind the advertisement is, “One of the important things about a mother and child bond is that no one sings to a child like a mother does.”

The message further states, “Nestle Cerelac is going to strum the strings of your heart with beautiful lullabies from the past,” hence hinting that more such ads based on popular rhymes might be coming soon.

Watch the full video here: