Meesha’s counsel condemns ‘irresponsible’ comments by Tallal Chaudhary


–Ali Zafar sends 10million defamation notice to singer

–Zafar’s counsel says don’t want media trial


LAHORE: Meesha Shafi’s counsel Ahmad Pansota on Wednesday condemned statement of State Minister for Interior Affairs Tallal Chaudhary wherein he had termed Meesha Shafi’s allegations against Ali Zafar a “drama”, saying that it is very sad that a minister who is supposed to implement anti-harassment laws holds such views.

On Tuesday, Tallal Chaudhary had said that Meesha-Ali fiasco is just a publicity stunt. “The kind of pictures and movies they both have, there cannot be any harassment after that,” the minister had said.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Pansota termed Tallal’s comments on the matter “irresponsible” and said, “It is very sad that Tallal Chaudhary who is responsible for implementing laws related to harassment has such views about the matter and this is our social dilemma.” The minister’s statement is irresponsible and the prime minister should serve a notice and ask for clarification, he added.

Meanwhile, Zafar’s lawyer, Ali Sibtain Fazli, said, “We have sent a 10million rupees defamation notice to Meesha Shafi.” Fazli went on to say, “She must either retract her accusation or prove it in a court of law.”


Fazli further said that Zafar wanted to pursue the matter in court and did not want to enter into a media war with Shafi.

On April 19, Meesha Shafi had alleged that Ali Zafar has harassed her on “more than one occasion”.

While #MeToo campaigner Rose McGowan lent support to Meesha Shafi, several local actors and models came out in support of Ali Zafar. Others such as Hamza Ali Abbasi have tried to reiterate religious beliefs to curb the issue of harassment.

Meesha Shafi went on to say in her tweet, “No woman is ever safe from sexual harassment.” She added, “In our society, we hesitate to speak up and choose to stay silent and this emboldens sexual harassment to flourish.”