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CJP orders security for those facing genuine threats

–Justice Nisar orders provincial IGs to devise mechanism for provision of security to entitled persons, including deposed PM Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday directed the top provincial police officials to ensure the provision of security to all those who face genuine risks to their lives.

Following his earlier orders ordering provincial inspector generals to withdraw security of individuals not entitled to protection, the chief justice during the hearing of the case said that the move was made to save taxpayers’ money. The bench also sought a report from the IGs to determine the criteria under which security will be provided to individuals.

The court further directed all provincial advocate generals to be present in court. “What’s the status of taking back security from unauthorised personnel?” he questioned.

“No relative of a minister should be provided official security,” he warned, adding that the court will look into the misuse of government vehicles.

“Some people have issues with their security taken back. Even the media is raising concerns,” he said, adding that the court does not want to put anyone’s life in danger.

“Provision of security to unauthorised people in Punjab costs Rs1 billion and 380 million. Men in white uniforms are also deployed on security. The security personnel were withdrawn from more than 4,600 individuals in Punjab. Now, police have to see to whom need the security,” he asserted.

“If Nawaz Sharif and Asfand Yar Wali are liable for security then they must be given so according to law,” the CJP directed. “Find out if Wali has security now, Nawaz has the security of a former prime minister, he should get security according to the law’s provision,” he added.

On Saturday, in a series of tweets, Maryam Nawaz said that the CJP will be responsible if anything were to happen to her father, deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

“My Lord! You may take away security from the prime minister who looked terrorism straight in the eye and uprooted it. But if something happens to him, you will be responsible,” Maryam tweeted, in response to the video of the CJP’s protocol.

Justice Nisar further remarked that Rs1.38 billion has been spent for providing security in Punjab annually. “Unauthorized security of more than 4,600 people in Punjab has been withdrawn,” he said, adding that security guards in casual clothing are also deployed as part of a security detail.

Justice Nisar further stated that it is the responsibility of the police to decide on who gets security and on the number of personnel deployed. IG Islamabad said that security has been provided to all those named by the interior ministry. “We’ll review the situation in Islamabad again,” he added.

The bench also directed all provincial IGs to formulate security rule books and mechanisms and to create a security formula within seven days. The court then ordered all provinces to submit a report regarding the provision of security.

Referring to the misuse of government vehicles and security, the CJP remarked that he’s seen children drive government vehicles in Lahore. “They should not be misused,” he added.

Last week, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) IG Salahuddin Mehsud, appeared before Justice Nisar and informed the court that the provincial police has withdrawn security protocol of influential individuals under court orders.

Speaking to the media outside the Peshawar registry, the province’s top law-enforcer said the police force takes impartial action. “We worked all night after the CJP’s orders. 1,769 security officials have been called back. Previously, 900 were withdrawn.”

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