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Pooja Bhatt mocked an ‘alcoholic’ for calling out Amitabh Bachchan on Kathua

MUMBAI: The rape and murder cases in Kathua and Unnao have sparked immense outrage across India. Many celebrities including Twinkle Khanna, Kiran Rao and Kalki Koechlin have protested against the inhumane action. However, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has refused to comment on the incident.

In a recent media interaction, Bachchan, also an ambassador for the government’s ‘Beti Parhao, Beti Bachao’ initiative, was asked to his thoughts on the rape cases. To this, the actor replied, “I feel disgusted even talking about this issue. Please don’t rake this up or look for my comments. It’s terrible to even talk about it.”

In reaction to this, Bollywood actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, wrote on Twitter, “I can’t help being reminded of a film called Pink. Can our images on screen please be reflected in reality?”

Pink is a film where Bachchan played a lawyer who vociferously defended a woman’s right to consent.

Not surprisingly, Bhatt was trolled and mocked for her tweet.

In reply to Bhatt’s tweet, a Twitter user wrote, “A known alcoholic trying to gain publicity by using the name of a legend.”

The troll was referring Bhatt’s battle with alcoholism. She had come clean about her addiction and how she has remained sober for almost 10 months now.

Pooja, who quit drinking in December 2016, replied: “A ‘recovering’ alcoholic and proud of it. In a country where people don’t even acknowledge they have a drinking problem, let alone discuss it, I am grateful to stand away from the crowd that considers holding your frailties to light shameful. #485dayssober.”

Others used the same, old chestnut of Bollywood leading ladies being “brainless”.

“Only brainless thakelis like Pooja Bhatt would even think of comparing movie roles or fictional stories to real life issues,” read one tweet.

To this Pooja replied with “Yawn.”

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