Admin bars ‘stags’ from entering Lahore Zoo


LAHORE: The administration has imposed a ban on the entry of men without families into the premises of the Lahore Zoo.

As per the details, under the recent orders, men who visit the zoo alone or with male friends will not be allowed to enter the premises of the zoo, and only families would be allowed entry into what is one of the largest attractions of the provincial capital.

Moreover, the parking outside the zoo has been restricted and strict security arrangements have also been put in place.

While the ban has left visitors without families sad and disappointed, the ban has provided a sigh of relief to several families who have had reservations over the crowd that they said made girls uncomfortable.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, they exulted over the ability to freely roam the zoo without any fears of being misbehaved with. “Neither would there be anyone staring at us now, nor would there be anyone to make catcalls.”

Meanwhile, Lahore Zoo Director Hasan Sukhera said that the measures were taken after several complaints were registered by the families visiting the zoo.

“The ban will not remain in effect for long and all the citizens will be granted entry into the zoo soon. While among several other reasons, security concerns are also behind the ban, it would be inappropriate to highlight them,” he said.

He also said that the initiative would affect the revenue generation of the zoo, however, he was pleased over the fact that a majority had welcomed the administration’s decision.