Indian woman’s Pakistani citizenship to be decided by interior ministry


LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Saturday directed the interior ministry to decide the matter of granting Pakistani citizenship to Kiran Bala.

Kiran, alias Amna Bibi, had accepted Islam and married a Muslim man in Pakistan. She then moved the LHC for citizenship and visa extension, and had also sent an application to the foreign ministry. The LHC extended Kiran’s visa by 30-days, directed the interior ministry to decide whether she is eligible for the six-month extension as per her application.

The LHC has given the ministry 30 days to decide the matter. Kiran can now stay in Pakistan for a month according to law. If granted the six-month extension, she could be eligible for attaining citizenship.

Kiran would have to renew her visa every six months for seven years, and if there are no complaints of law or Constitutional violations, then she can become a Pakistani national. In her plea, she stated that she married the Pakistani national on her own will and wants to live in the country.

Earlier, an Indian woman, Uzma, on her visit to Pakistan married a Pakistani young man but after a week took shelter in Indian embassy accusing the man of forcibly marrying her. She also requested to return back to her country which was granted by the court and she was sent back.

Institutions are also considering such events while ascertaining whether KiranNew intends to stay in the country for good. Rumours circulating claim she has three kids in India, however, Kiran has denied such allegations.

It is worth mentioning that the India-Pakistan treaty allows citizens of either country to attain the others’ nationality after seven years.


  1. This marriage is symbol of Pakistan-Sikh friendship. Every Sikh is supportive of this marriage. They are also Ok with he embracing Islam. Pakistan should never let her return back. She now belongs to her Pakistani husband.

    • Do keep her. Let her double down what she gave to her indian relatives.. .Shame…. If you don’t know, she is hindu girl, who married a Sikh, had 3 children with him. Her earlier husband died and she was taking care of 3 children.
      She has married a muslim now. Congratulations to you. But don’t say Sikhs are supportive of this. I hope you will be supportive of a muslim woman in similar situation as well.

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