Heavy firing in Riyadh sparks coup rumours


–Conflicting reports claim bullets were fired to shoot down a toy drone

Heavy gunfire has been reported outside the royal palace in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh.

Reportedly, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been evacuated from the palace.

According to Associated Press (AP), Royal Saudi Land Forces Lieutenant General Allukas Nepils is leading the military push to oust the Saudi king.

A number of videos have emerged online, purportedly showing heavy gunfire in close proximity to the royal palace in the Saudi capital. Military or emergency vehicles can be seen with their lights flashing in the videos.

Some reports indicate that the shooting erupted when the palace guards targeted a small drone which came too close to the king’s residence.

Wall Street Journal reporter Margherita Stancati said, “No coup attempt in Riyadh. A toy drone/plane got too close to the king’s palace and was shot down.”

Saudi journalist Awad Alfayadh said, “A toy drone had flown around a restricted area in Riyadh close to a security check post and they had to shoot it down according to the law.”

Daniel Medina tweeted, “A number of journalists in Riyadh are reporting heavy fire outside palace compound. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, per these sources, has been evacuated to a bunker inside a military base in the city. Information coming in is still fluid, remains unconfirmed.”


Saudi authorities are yet to comment on the reports.


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