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Continuity of policies imperative for development: Kh Saad

ISLAMABAD: Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Saturday that continuity of policies is imperative to ensure sustainable development in all departments.

Talking to reporters after inaugurating Pakistan Railways (PR) Golra Museum, he said he had improved the overall conditions of PR by working tirelessly over the years.

The minister said that the next governments should work on increasing the revenue of PR.

The museum is situated at Golra Railway Station and was established in 1882 during the British rule and upgraded to a junction in 1912.

It was the logistics artery of British India during the Afghan military campaigns at the turn of the 20th century. The museum was set up in 2003 with the aim of preserving and maintaining more than 150 years of railways heritage in this region.

The museum consists of two main galleries. The first gallery displays the objects from 1881 when the rail service was known as North Western Railways.

In the second gallery, Victorian furniture adorned the halls with classic crockery, a piano and long-arm rest chairs, self-style mirrors and other fixture/fittings for public display.

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