PML-N leadership being pushed to wall under a conspiracy: Talal Chaudhry


JARANWALA: State Minister for Interior Affairs Talal Chaudhry said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PLM-N) leadership is being pushed to the wall under a deep conspiracy and a proper net has been laid out to expel them from politics.

“PLM-N is a party of brave people which will formulate its government in the centre and provinces in the upcoming elections,” he said.

He said that PLM-N has always served the nation and it will continue to do so with the same passion.

PLM-N has uprooted the menace of terrorism and has restored peace in the country, he underlined.

He further said that PLM-N has ended the worst crisis of electricity and gas. It laid down the network of motorways all over the country and completed mega projects of energy to produce electricity, he added.

The roar of the lion will be heard from every corner of the country during the upcoming elections, he concluded.