Disciplinary action taken against 100 ‘corrupt’ policemen


ISLAMABAD: Capital police on Thursday took strict disciplinary action against 100 police officials allegedly involved in corrupt or illegal activities.

According to details, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police reviewed the overall performance of the force during the last three months. ICT officials followed ‘zero tolerance policy’ against corruption by highlighting those involved in illegal practices.

These 100 police employees will face disciplinary action due to allegations of corruption, an official told Pakistan Today.

The review report also revealed that crime rate had increased in the capital. The ICT police had launched a special campaign to curb drug peddling activities and 438 drug pushers were held after registration of 389 cases against them. Police recovered 122.095-kilogram hashish, 16.439-kilogram heroin, 2.5-kilogram opium, ice and several tranquillizing pills from the drug mafia, according to the report.

“The Islamabad police are an important department like other institutions and effective steps are being taken by the force to ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens. Due to these efforts, there has been a significant reduction in crime rate in the city while public trust has also restored on the police department,” the police official added.

It was further stated that a total of 144 cases were registered after the arrests of 182 bootleggers and a total of 10,388 wine and liquor bottles were recovered from them. The inside sources said Islamabad police took action against those involved in immoral activities and arrested 65 females and 62 males following registration of 30 cases against them.

A total of 24 cases were registered after the arrests of 40 gamblers while efforts were underway to curb gambling practices, he added.

The report discussed the increase in the number of students who became drug addicts during the time period. It was briefed that the ease of availability of drugs is one of the major reasons for drug addiction in universities.

The police force vowed to curb the use of narcotics, especially in educational institutions, and ban shisha centres in the capital.