New airport’s baggage area flooded after pipe bursts: report


RAWALPINDI: A water pipe burst on Monday flooded a portion of the domestic baggage claims and check-in area at the new Islamabad International Airport, reported a local media outlet.

Videos of the pipe burst show water flooding the baggage area. Shortly afterwards, concerned staff were called and the damaged pipe was repaired.

However, a senior Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) told Dawn this was a minor leak caused due to mishandling by labour and that there was no damage to the fittings and machines.

CAA Director Media Management Syed Aamir Mehboob also said this was not a big leak and was caused during testing which is not unusual. He said all facilities, equipment and machines are being tested before the airport is made operational.

However, in a late-night statement issued by CAA, the authority’s spokesman clarified that during a test trial, the contractors detected a leak in the pipe which was repaired within the shortest time.


  1. Who would know what really happened. We don’t have scarcity of irresponsible and non-technical behavior in such places anyways.

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