CDA in turmoil as transfers, postings become standard

  • Ad-hoc measures, additional charge to officials run the roost in capital’s civic agency

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority has initiated transfers and postings of its officials during recent weeks from one directorate to another on a massive scale.

The Human Resource Development Directorate through its office orders on 10th, 11th and 13th of April alone posted and transferred 16 officials of technical and administration cadre. Nisar M Khan, Assistant Manager (BS-17), waiting for posting has been posted as the deputy director for operations.

Fatehul Manan, deputy director for security was posted as the deputy enforcement. Inspector Riaz Khan awaiting for posting was posted as the inspector enforcement. Security Directorate ASO Burhan Khan posted to the STP Directorate. Admin Officer (BS-16) Mazhar Mehmood posted as the Admin Officer-II at the Admin Directorate, previously Admin Officer Law.

Deputy Director (BS-18) Rajesh Kumar from the Deputy Director Special Project will hold additional charge of the deputy director. Assistant Manager Adnan Khan posted as the deputy director Structure-I. Assistant Director for Media Saleem Akhtar has been given additional charge of the deputy director for sport and culture.

Admin Officer Mazhar Mehmood given look after the work of the Admin Officer along with Admin Officer Mian Dilawar posted as the admin officer law. Deputy Director General Riaz Ahmed given look after charge of the director of Human Resource Development. Assistant Director Fareeduddin posted as the additional director for the estate. Atta Bari Arshad posted as the deputy director Labour Relations.

Administration Member Yasir Peerzada is also away on a three week leave, with rumours rife that he won’t be joining back. CDA Chairman Usman Bajwa too is bidding time till elections take place and the new government brings in a permanent chairman, in the meanwhile the ad-hocism runs the roost in capital’s foremost civic agency.