Shebaz must be held accountable for firing on Justice Aijaz’s house: Khuhro


LARKANA: Sindh Food Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Sunday said that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif must be held accountable for firing incident at the residence of Justice Aijaz-ul-Hasan, as he wanted to get life term for Nawaz Sharif.

He said that if the attack was carried while the police guards were deployed outside the Justice Aijaz’s residence then Shehbaz Sharif is responsible as the chief executive of Punjab.

He said if Shehbaz has a separate party then perhaps Chaudhry Nisar will be standing with him because both are old friends. He was addressing journalists at Larkana Press Club. He claimed that to have given sweet water to 106 villages including Sanghar and Khipro.

He said that the industrial wastewater of other provinces is making the underground water of Sindh unsafe which is entering from Ghotki for which water commission must also take foolproof actions.

He said 2.4 million acres of Sindh’s fertile land has been digested by sea due to non-availability of water and the water commission is not taking this issue up with Indus River Supply Authority (IRSA).

Khuhro alleged that Sindh’s share of water is not being given to it. He said notices are being taken on little issues but major water issue of Sindh is not taken up with IRSA by the water commission adding water commission should focus on water supply schemes.

He said election results must be put on Election commission Pakistan’s (EXP) website immediately after the announcement of results in order to bring more transparency.

Khuhro termed imposing a ban on recruitment and development schemes by ECP as discouraging, adding that it should have come into effect only after the announcement of election schedule.

He said talks of making new provinces in Sindh is a part of the conspiracy and making 22 provinces in Pakistan is also part of that conspiracy which is continuing since long while adding that one Punjab is heavier than three other provinces.

Khuhro said that thinking of Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif is same as Musharraf ruled for ten years but did not construct Bhasha dam. He said Sindh has 5.5 million tons of wheat production out of which 1.4 million tons can only be procured by Sindh Government after getting a huge loan and balance four million tons are to be sold in the open market.