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Raiwind police reluctant to register FIR against land mafia

LAHORE: Raiwind police station showed reluctance to register a case against the influential land mafia that has been allegedly trying to occupy the land owned by a Canadian citizen, Pakistan Today learnt on Sunday.

According to details, the influential mafia has made attempts to grab the 12-kanal land of Sheikh Daud Ashraf and Waqas Qadeer Dar, a former prosecutor of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), near Raiwind bypass on Sundar Road. According to a report filed with Raiwind city police, the land grabbers resorted to indiscriminate firing on April 8 and hurled life threats at an employee of Sheikh Daud, besides abusing him.

They repeated the same on April 11 but Sheikh Daud believes that the police were only playing the role of a silent spectator and were even not listening to his cause.

Jamil Sarwar, Daud’s manager, moved an application with Raiwind police on April 8 but the police have not registered the first information report (FIR) of the case till date.

Sarwar alleged that Saddar Superintendent of Police (SP) and a local tehsildar were backing the powerful mafia.

Meanwhile, the land grabbers namely Rana Izhar, Rana Safdar, Ali Dogar and Mansha Amin Dogar, Nadeem Akhtar, and Nadeem Mughal continue to deploy various tactics to occupy the lands illegally and have even resorted to firing on Sunday.

Sheikh Daud said to have filed 35 cases of forgery registered against the accused in various police stations of the city. He has also appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar to take suo motu notice of the issue. Sheikh Daud has also moved an application through Overseas Foundation from Canada so that police take action against the accused

Sheikh Daud said he was perturbed over the illegal occupation of his land in Raiwind. “I am permanently settled in Canada and manage my business there. The influential land grabbers have prepared a fake land deed to capture my land. Interestingly, the date they have mentioned on the deed is the one when I was not even present in Pakistan. I have been dragged from pillar to post and remain worried even when I am in Canada. My whole family is worried about the issue,” he said.

He added, “I urge the Justice Nisar to take suo motu notice of my case as no one in Pakistan is listening to my voice.”

Sheikh Daud also informed that he had moved an application in the court of civil judge Imran Khan and attached all evidence of his property with the application.

According to documents and police reports available with Pakistan Today, some 25-armed people from the mafia including Rana Izhar and Rana Safdar resorted to indiscriminate firing on the employee of Sheikh Daud named Jamil Ahmed, and they not only abused him but also went on to damage the luggage and other precious items in the house.

They intimidated Jamil Ahmed and other employees while threatening them of dire consequences, it was claimed. “Raiwind police have not registered the FIR of firing against the accused despite several attempts,” Sheikh Daud resented.

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