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PEF announces syllabi of QAT

LAHORE: Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) on Sunday announced the syllabi of Quality Assurance Test (QAT) for the new educational year 2018-19 for its partner schools of educational programmes.

According to the spokesperson, the purpose of timely announcement of syllabi is to facilitate the teachers so that they can teach students in a better way. In addition, the partner schools will be able to prepare students academically for better results in the QAT.

The PEF spokesperson further said that New School Programme (NSP) partner schools would have to undergo the new amendments approved by the PEF board of directors for passing out the next QATs. According to the amendments, each student appearing in the QAT will have to score 40 per cent marks instead of 33%, while on the other hand, the selection criteria for qualifying the preliminary QAT for a new applicant school has been increased from 50% to 66.67%.

Moreover, these amendments will be applicable to the partner schools having a strength of 200 or more students in September.

The syllabi are available online on the official website of PEF in the form of circulars. These circulars are separate for each subject which will be taught to the students of class 2-7.

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