MCI ready to induct officers to streamline service structure


ISLAMABAD: Although the Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) came into existence two years back, it is yet to enforce its schedule of the establishment – rules and regulation that govern its organogram, service structure, induction process of new employees, the process of promotion and postings among other things.

After the delay of two years and many hiccups, the summary pertaining to schedules of the establishment will be approved and new metropolitan officers will be appointed by the authority on coming days, Pakistan Today has reliably learnt.

Due to the delay, other allied local government acts including the Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government Servant (Service) Rules, 2016, ICT Local Government Contract Rules, 2016, Contract of Inspection Rules, 2016, ICT Local Government Board (Conduct of Business) Rules, 2016, ICT Arbitration Council and the Local Government Union Council Budget Rules remain in limbo and couldn’t been implemented.

Due to lack of commitment on part of MCI and the additional charge given by the prime minister to the mayor for over a year are two main reasons behind the delay. However, after getting over the teething problems, MCI has sent its schedule of the establishment to the Ministry of Interior Affairs for final approval.

After first ever local elections in the capital, the all-powerful Capital Development Authority had to cede many if its directorates to the newly-formed Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad, headed by the mayor and comprises of governing body and opposition.

The recent failure of the MCI’s Directorate of Emergency and Disaster Management to mitigate the forest fire, initiation of an inquiry into the recently-inaugurated Metropolitan Club by the mayor, and shortage of water to many sectors before the outset of summers are some pressing issues that the Metropolitan Corporation had failed to resolve.