Where was Manzoor Pashteen when Mian Sb was breaking my heart, asks Nisar


Manzoor Pashteen says that he has legitimate demands but his own personal conduct has been problematic. These were the views of former PML(N) leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, addressing reporters in Islamabad.

“He claims to speak out for the downtrodden, but did he even think once about this beating heart,” asked an emotional Nisar.

“No one was speaking out for me. At first, things weren’t the way they were when Mian Sb and my political relationship had started, but that is okay, because that happens. But then things kept getting worse. My judgment wasn’t being valued and then even my loyalty wasn’t being valued,” he said, with tears in his eyes.

“Later on, Mian Sb refused to even meet with me and the few times he did, it was all Maryam this and Maryam that,” he said.

“How much more can a man take?”

“Where was Pashteen then? I have a missing person to report, Pashteen. The man that I gave my all too is missing, because the one the world calls Nawaz Sharif seems to be another man,” he said.

When contacted, Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement leader Manzoor Pashteen apologised for any negligence that he might have shown.