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Jubilee Life Insurance Polo Cup continues legacy of supporting ancient sport

ISLAMABAD: Jubilee Life, Pakistan’s largest life insurance provider in the private sector was the title sponsor of the recently concluded Jubilee Life Insurance Polo Cup 2018 played by zealous sportsmen at the Islamabad Polo Club.

Aun Rizvi of the Jubilee Life team played a crucial role and scored 2 goals, thus driving the team to a leading position and eventual victory. As a result, the Jubilee Life team won this tournament by 4-7 against team Shahtaj.

The Jubilee Polo Team consists of Edward Eve (member of English Polo Team), Aun Muhammad Rizvi, Turab Muhammad Rizvi and the Captain Shoukat Ali Malik.

Speaking at the occasion, Jubilee Life Insurance Managing Director (MD) Javed Ahmed said, “As the leading private life insurance company in Pakistan, we are committed to promoting partnerships for the betterment and fostering of sports. Sponsoring this tournament is yet another testimony to Jubilee Life’s philosophy to support & promote sports in Pakistan. We hope this tournament paves the way for the revival of international sports in the country.”

“Sports is essential for learning discipline as it teaches the participants to come as a combined force in pursuit of a unified goal. Whether it’s in the form of polo, cricket, football or hockey, it shapes and refines the structure of a society and this is what we have to facilitate which I’m glad Jubilee Life is eagerly facilitating,” said Habib Metropolitan Bank Group Executive Talib Rizvi, who was the chief guest at the occasion.

Given polo’s legacy of over 2500 years, it is renowned to have been a game of kings. It is a game that spread from Persia to present-day Iran in the 6th century AD and all the way up to Arabia, Tibet, China and then later Japan. The Mughals were known to have introduced this sport in the Indian Subcontinent in the 13th century.

Polo is an eminent game in Pakistan that receives extensive coverage and draws participation from distinguished local and foreign dignitaries.

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