JIT investigations: Wajid Zia will have to reveal names of 40 faceless people: Marriyum




  • Minister asks Imran why he did not expel his MPs involved in horse trading
  • Ms Aurangzeb says sacrifices by journalists for stability of democracy and against terrorism were unforgettable



ISLAMABAD: Minister of state for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb said that Wajid Zia told the court that 40 people participated in the investigations of JIT but refused to tell their names, the money paid to them and the terms on which they were engaged.

She was addressing the oath-taking ceremony of the office-bearers of Chitral Press Club here on Thursday. She said that Wajid Zia would have to narrate the story of Ali Baba and forty thieves to the people of Pakistan. Wajid Zia will have to reveal the names of those forty faceless and nameless people who participated in JIT investigations. She said that the issue would not end just like that because an elected prime minister was sent home and the people wanted to know the names of the people who participated in the investigations.

Wajid Zia the man who headed the JIT has unequivocally confessed in the Ehtsab court that he had no documentary evidence to prove that Nawaz Sharif received any salary from his son’s company and similarly it was neither written on any document nor any witness had deposed that the trust deed concerning Maryam Nawaz was fake, the minister said.

She posed a question as to why Imran was not expelling the MPs from his party who were involved in horse-trading during the senate elections?

Referring to the work done by Shehbaz Sharif in Punjab, she said that he had undertaken high quality welfare-oriented projects in the province and made it a role model for others.

The minister while taking oath from the office-bearers of Chitral Press Club, observed that she was having the opportunity for the second time and considered it an honour for her.

She said that the sacrifices given by the journalists for stability of democracy and against terrorism were unforgettable and deserved appreciation.