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Throwback to when Reema, Humayun Saeed danced with SRK and Preity Zinta

In a time where increasing tensions on the border are creating trouble between an exchange of artists, a wonderful video surfaced on Youtube.

The video which dates back to the Zee Cine Awards in 2005 shows Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Reema and Humayun Saeed sharing the stage and dancing to the tunes of Khan’s hit songs.

The short clip starts with Shah Rukh and Preity serenading to the tunes of the superhit film Veer Zaara. Interestingly, Veer Zaara is a love story between a Pakistani girl and Indian pilot officer who over the course of a couple of years, beat all odds to be together.

As the songs shift and Shah Rukh moves away from the stage, Reema appears on stage and dances with Preity on the song Mahi Ve from the film Kal Ho Na Ho. A change in music brings back Shah Rukh to the stage and this time with Pakistani actor, Humayun Saeed. The four dance together while the background screen shows both the Pakistani and Indian flags.

The video was quite heartwarming, to say the least, and it was a joy to watch our artists share the stage with Bollywood A-listers in an act which radiated warmth, energy and friendly vibes. Here’s to hoping we see more of such acts.

Saman Shafiq

The writer is a former member of the staff and holds a BA.LLB Degree from the Lahore University and Management Sciences (LUMS). She tweets @saman_shafiq7

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  3. Leoben said:

    The ruling party is successfully leading the country towards dismemberment.
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  4. Sajjad Hussain said:

    Tushar India is not land of paradise ok ,first look in Assam , Nagaland, Khalistan , South India and Kashmir they want freedom and Indian troops killed many innocent people, I think u forgot terrorist Kalboshan Yadav who came to Pakistan to attend his daughter marriage ceremony? Sarbjeet Singh? They killed many Pakistani in bomb blasting and accepted and u r defining terrorism , India is big terrorist country, we r Pakistani and proud to be Pakistani, India is a big threat for peace in South Asia

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