Mirusah – changing the fashion game in Pakistan


LAHORE: The fashion industry in Pakistan has been on the rise for quite some time now. Not only that, it has given a platform for new talent to enter and grow in the industry as long as they bring something new to the table. With every fashion house striving to become the leading force in the world of fashion, another label that has been added to the list is ‘Mirusah’ which was launched last year by Misbah Haider.

It is an up and coming fashion label that, according to the founder is a tribute to the women in her life. Moreover, it has been named after the biggest motivation that helped start the brand and help the designer achieve her dreams.

Starting from a small scale, Mirusah aims to step up the fashion game of the industry while keeping true to their philosophy to give a strong yet feminine look to the client. Not only that, its main objective is to become a name that is associated with elegance, femininity, sophistication and class.

Each collection is a versatile one featuring classic and traditional pieces to the trendy and chic ensembles that aim to represent the modern women.

The intricate detail on each ensemble also aims to give a daring yet modest and affordable yet luxurious choice of clothes that one wears.

The recent collection titled The Spring Fling is inspired by the spring season and is about pastel colours, intricate detailing with floral embroidery, hand embellishments and stunning pearl detailing, which is visible in each ensemble.

Moreover, since the spring/summer season is almost here, it is safe to say that most brands work their way around with floral work on their ensembles and Mirusah has done the same. The fabrics used are jacquard embroidered organzas and cotton nets with frills and cutwork done on them.

The floral designs are likely to attract consumers as the brand stays true to its beliefs that every woman is beautiful and unique just like each ensemble in the collection making sure that every woman who carries the outfit feels nothing less than beautiful.

With women at the core of each of process, Misbah exclusively tells Pakistan Today that women have a greater eye for detail, which is so important for Mirusah. “From the ‘Head of Design’ to our ‘Quality Inspection’, all are headed by women.”

Despite women heading most departments, one challenge Misbah faced was the discrimination by the men in the field. “Be it the workers, office staff or organizers, they tend to not take you seriously…It takes a while but you have to show them who the boss is.”

Last was that of keeping a balance between work and personal life, which was made easy due to the family’s support, “A strong support system is what you need to keep you going.”

As Mirusah is all set to hit a year since its inception, Misbah has quite a few collections lined up for the summer, including a bridal one.


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